• Comment écrire un best-seller?

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    Bonne lecture et faites moi un beau best-seller!

    Comment écrire un best-seller?

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    Lundi 12 Novembre 2012 à 07:00
    You can absolutely take adtgnvaae of the TeamWILD programs from wherever you are! We'll have some races/events where a group of WILD athletes are participating, but many of our athletes do local events where they live. You can sign up for a program and get your weekly training plan and nutrition and diabetes information/tips. We'll have some mental skills coaching in there, too, as I'm sure you know that's an important part of being an endurance athlete. You'll have access to other athletes on your team and be invited to attend question and answer webinars with the coaches, who you'll recognize' from the video clips that accompany your training plan.
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